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Thursday, June 04, 2009


Nope, you are definitely not the last person to find her blog - that would be me...;) I sure hope you aren't feeling like nobody sees you and you aren't making progress and such! I sure love seeing what you are up to and admire your beautiful work!! Hugs, Silke

Karen your love post was wonderful. I married Mark at 39 I waited a long time for him and lost him to cancer and then I thought well that was all of love life was going to give me and It was going to have to be enough as it was a wonderful life Mark. I felt so blessed to have him even if I lost him .Then WOW right out of nowhere I met Cal and married in a whirlwind at 49!!! Love has no age. love is magic! Easy, hard good and bad and all sorts of things in between as you know and you are just fine in wanting all of that !! It is a good thing to want and does not make you a complainer to want it it. to the contrary It makes you healthy !As it is a healthy thing to love in life and want to give it back !! But you are also perfect in just being you right now in the place you are right now. However after meeting you and following you on you blog I believe love will come as I have seen what a special person you are. You stand out as that and this is not just something I am saying I have seen the glow from inside you shine out .Your joy of life and the youthful passion that you have . You have much to give and it flows out of you. So love will come. I just know it and now continue to have have fun while you wait for him to find you. He is on his way. A friend once told me when I was younger and I could not find love. she said" Julie, You need and older man" guess what she was right but what needed to happen for me was to get older myself. hugs Julie Ps I have a male freidn he is 52 and looking for love to I will send you his face book ... Just so you know men want love too.

Thank you Julie *hugs!* I really appreciate your kind words & encouragement. It means a lot to me, especially coming from you because I admire you so much.

I'm so happy for you & Cal that you've got your new place in Arizona with friends and family around. With the rough things you've been through lately, it just shows what a special woman you are that you're still able to reach out & offer this kind of caring note to a friend. I just know good times are ahead for you. Thank you!

xo ~ karen

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